New GHS projects and updates

The leadership of the Graal Historical Society has decided to start offering personal email addresses to members of the Graal Historical Society. The email addresses will be using the as its domain name and are accessible at Other services, such as a file sharing site, are also currently being considered.

Two new wikis are underway. The first one is dedicated to GraalOnline Ol’ West, covering general server history and items. The second one is a Sarovian wiki, which will be containing Sarovian lore and in-depth Sarovian history. Links for both wikis will be released by the next quarter.

The main site (this site) will be revamped in the near future as well. We will be adding an interactive territories map where you can click on specific territories and see their statuses and their respective owners. We are also considering switching to a static website instead of using WordPress in order to give our developers more freedom in designing the pages.

Reform committee update and the Bastion

In the last post, we discussed the reform committee led by Donald Rhodes. It was a good attempt in opening talks regarding the current war system. Sadly, it is not going anywhere. There was little to no participation after the first meeting. After the first meeting, there were four people at most attending and debating.

In line with the reform rhetoric, a similar attempt is being done by Laken Vaughn-Henri, called the Bastion. The idea is to create a supranational organization, similar to the European Union, that would allow reform enforcement as well as future changes by voluntary participation and organizational decision-making.

The system Laken has been proposing grants certain individuals, which he said would be current non-affiliates, to make decisions through the different committees and bodies within the Bastion. However, several aspects of the project are yet to be finalized, which would mean a newcomers can still come around and help in finishing the framework of the project.

If you wish to participate in the Bastion, send a message to _Laken#6278 (Discord).

Creation of a reform committee

Donald Rhodes, backed by the Kingdom of Arcadia, formed a committee—the Commitee to Change the War System—this October 30th 2020 meant to address the current rules and system of war used by the community. Prominent figures such as Xingke Magnus, Harau Bacsey, Kevlar Vaughn, and Vulnus Regium are participating in the efforts of reforming what many militants see as a problematic system. All militaries within the Graal Military Community have been invited to participate in the committee and several topics have been discussed.

This is not the first attempt in changing the war system, however. Since January, several committees and conferences were formed and called in order to move from the current mass PK battle system to a shorter, more intelligent mode of battle. The first this 2020 to call for reform is Arcadia (which has been at the forefront of such sentiments since their independence from Arcadia). Other attempts include the Mathias Conference called by Maveria and the total overhaul of the community called the Graal Military Association spearheaded by Imperia and other community leaders.

Unlike other discussions, however, the pace and progress of the current committee seems to be a lot better compared to past attempts, probably due to the current state of the community. With the fragmentation of the GMC into small guilds, discussion seems to be the preferred option. The only challenge to this Arcadian-led committee is its inability to have quorum and gather consensus, but results (or failure) will only be apparent in the following weeks.

If anyone is interested in joining the discussion, send a message to Donald#3295 (Discord).