Reform committee update and the Bastion

In the last post, we discussed the reform committee led by Donald Rhodes. It was a good attempt in opening talks regarding the current war system. Sadly, it is not going anywhere. There was little to no participation after the first meeting. After the first meeting, there were four people at most attending and debating.

In line with the reform rhetoric, a similar attempt is being done by Laken Vaughn-Henri, called the Bastion. The idea is to create a supranational organization, similar to the European Union, that would allow reform enforcement as well as future changes by voluntary participation and organizational decision-making.

The system Laken has been proposing grants certain individuals, which he said would be current non-affiliates, to make decisions through the different committees and bodies within the Bastion. However, several aspects of the project are yet to be finalized, which would mean a newcomers can still come around and help in finishing the framework of the project.

If you wish to participate in the Bastion, send a message to _Laken#6278 (Discord).