New GHS projects and updates

The leadership of the Graal Historical Society has decided to start offering personal email addresses to members of the Graal Historical Society. The email addresses will be using the as its domain name and are accessible at Other services, such as a file sharing site, are also currently being considered.

Two new wikis are underway. The first one is dedicated to GraalOnline Ol’ West, covering general server history and items. The second one is a Sarovian wiki, which will be containing Sarovian lore and in-depth Sarovian history. Links for both wikis will be released by the next quarter.

The main site (this site) will be revamped in the near future as well. We will be adding an interactive territories map where you can click on specific territories and see their statuses and their respective owners. We are also considering switching to a static website instead of using WordPress in order to give our developers more freedom in designing the pages.