Modern Arcadia

The Kingdom of Arcadia

In May of 2019, Xinke, renowned State officer, approached Peter Rhodes with promise to destroy Sarovia once and for all in a new iteration of Imperia. Though Imperia and Astoria (another Peter had also led) did not have an optimal past, the destruction of Sarovia was an offer of which caught Peter’s interest. Thus, The Kingdom of Arcadia was soon created as a tag under The Holy Imperian Empire. The Kingdom of Arcadia was a dominant tag in Imperia, with tag peaks in the twenties for some amounts of time. Arcadia had also executed the first successful ‘City tag’ in the GMC, a social guild, labelled as an Arcadian province. This city tag was called The City of Colstrium and lead by Rylan Rowe. When Xinke needed a hiatus, Peter was elected as Interim Emperor of Imperia for the time Xinke was away. During this period, Peter launched several military campaigns into Sarovian land utilising the entire Imperian might he now had. These campaigns were extremely successful, and in about a fortnight, Sarovia was almost dead.

The Calm before the Storm

When Xinke returned from his hiatus and regained control of the Empire, instead of killing Sarovia physically, like Peter had almost done, he employed a strategy of nullification. This, Peter did not like. After this incident, Arcadian High Command began to notice more and more the flaws in Imperia, and in August, started planning a secession – planning to have Arcadia leave Imperia on December first, 2019 to establish their own Empire. Peter began to rapidly militarise – transforming Colstrium into a military tag instead of a City and launching a brand new nighttime tag, Lancieri di Arcadia, lead by Soft. Xinke was not consulted for the launching Lancieri as was usually required when launching tags for an Imperian Kingdom but held no suspicion for it was more manpower for Imperia anyway (right?).

The Arcadian Secession

On December 1st, 2019 at 5:03 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, The Arcadian Sovereignty was formed. After months of planning to secede from Imperia the time was upon them, Arcadian High Command spread the document everywhere they could for the reasoning as to why Arcadia was leaving Imperia. This document was known as “The Imperian Deception,” and was criticized by many of Imperians as being false, untrue, and preposterous.

Notable Arcadians to secede from Imperia are:

Peter Rhodes; Ram Rhodes; Terri Rhodes; Coco Rhodes; Cladz Rhodes; Olly Rhodes; Emma Rowe; Donald Rhodes; Linus Rowe; Jiub Fraser; Uta Frode; Soft and Ren Rhodes.

The Arcadian Sovereignty

Post-Secession Arcadia remains a three-tag guild at the time of this documents’ editing. The three guilds are; The Arcadian Sovereignty, led by Peter, The Swords of Arcadia, led by Uta and The Lights of Colstrium, led by Frosty.

With the convictions established in the secession document, Arcadia sought the destruction of both Sarovia and Imperia. Thus far, two military campaigns have been launched against Imperia and their allies and one has been launched against Sarovia. The first campaign was launched on the 11th of January 2020, and was fought on two fronts; York and Destiny. Arcadia had officially offered to fight in a different war system to the current standard screenshot system an update much needed, however Imperia did not accept this offer “The war began with Arcadia and allied forces taking over Destiny, where they fought neck to neck. The Lights of Colstrium were dispatched later to Yorktown where they would intimidate the enemy with yet another critical engagement. The results of the war were not in favor of the Arcadians.” -extract from an Arcadian news report.

After losing York, all forces were fighting hard at destiny. In an attempt to open a new front at Delta, the Arcadian forces were stretched too thin to fight at another front. Though Peter did call forces back from Delta, it was too late and Imperian High Command had already taken and sent a valid victory screenshot. The second campaign was launched into York and MoD – the capitals of both Imperia and Oxeria, who were allies. “At nine o’clock EST this morning, Arcadian forces marched on Oxerian land MoD, and Imperian land York. Our troops fought hard at York for approximately nine hours, where it was disappointingly lost. At MoD, our forces fought valiantly for twelve hours, until admins ghosted and warped the battlefield several times. Because neither side is now able to fight, the enemy and several Arcadian high command officers agreed to a ceasefire,” –extract from an Arcadian news report.

Peter had realised that the Imperian morning activity was extremely poor, so he developed a strategy to catch Imperia off guard and attack them during their inactive hours. During this unrest, Sarovia had marched onto several Imperian territories, territories of which Imperia was not able to defend due to the fronts they were already fighting on being already tight and thus, this land went to Sarovia. The ceasefire made was on the conditions that all combatants join forces to retake this land, with the territorial spoils being divided between the guilds. Thus, on the 16th of March 2020, as soon as the 24 hour rule was lifted, the attack was launched. “With Arcadia, Oxeria and Imperia doing business when our forces marched on land, originally intended to compensate for our ceasefire, stolen yesterday amongst the unrest. These forces annexed all Sarovian land. Arcadia now owns a territory, Destiny! In addition to our conquest of Destiny, Arcadian forces fought on behalf of the Oxerian Empire for Onnet, coming out of that battle also triumphant. ” –extract from an Arcadian news report. Though the relationship between Arcadia and the Impero-Oxerian Coalition is still bitter, this was a tremendous victory.